Air Canada’s award-winning fleet finds success with ExxonMobil

Air Canada’s award-winning fleet finds success with ExxonMobil

In the highly competitive airline industry, the key to any successful, long-term business partnership is trust.And for nearly 15 years, Air Canada, a member of the Star Alliance, has trusted ExxonMobil as its primary lubricant supplier.

According to Oleksii Lyeshchyner, power plant engineer at Air Canada, there are a few reasons why this partnership with ExxonMobil makes business sense. “ExxonMobil has consistently delivered the right lubricant solutions, expertise and ongoing support we’ve needed to help optimize the performance of our
fleet,” Lyeshchyner said. “The ExxonMobil team also challenges us to consider new approaches that can help us reach our performance goals.”

As a leader in aviation lubricant technology, ExxonMobil constantly looks for ways to help Air Canada optimize the performance of its fleet, which today serves 200 airports and transports more than 41 million passengers annually. That’s why, when ExxonMobil recommended  Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 — its most advanced, synthetic jet engine High Performance Capability (HPC) oil — Air Canada pursued an aggressive testing program with the oil.

Over the past four years, Air Canada has worked  side by side with ExxonMobil’s aviation experts in conducting commercial flight tests with Mobil Jet Oil 387 on a number of leading engine technologies, including GE Aviation’s CF6 and CF34 engines, and Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 models. More than 60,000 hours of extensive flight tests on both the CF6 and CF34 engines showed that
Mobil Jet Oil 387 jet engine oil was able to deliver outstanding engine cleanliness while also providing exceptional seal compatibility. “I’d say that within the next 10 to 15 years, we will see Mobil Jet Oil 387 become the main jet turbine oil for our industry,” Lyeshchyner said.

Based on its favorable results so far, Air Canada is evaluating its use fleetwide.
“Our maintenance and engineering teams have been impressed with Mobil Jet Oil 387’s performance thus far,” said Joshua Vanderveen, manager of propulsion
engineering at Air Canada. Looking ahead, Vanderveen is confident that
Mobil Jet Oil 387 — and ExxonMobil’s technical expertise — will continue to play a pivotal role in helping Air Canada accomplish its maintenance objectives.

By minimizing engine repair and maintenance costs, Mobil Jet Oil 387 helps keep more flights on track, which helps Air Canada deliver on its mission
to provide customers with a reliable experience.