Mobil Aero HF Serie

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Mobil Aero HF Serie

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Mobil Aero HFA and HF are formulated for aircraft systems where use of hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluids is required. They are low viscosity products, high VI (viscosity index) fluid with excellent low temperature properties, good anti-wear performance, and good chemical stability. Mobil Aero HFA and HF are composed of mineral base oil stock and contain shear-stable VI improvers.

Mobil Aero HF Series aviation hydraulic fluids are designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and military aircraft applications. These high quality formulations have a long history of excellent performance and provide long, trouble-free service over a wide range of operating conditions.  Product features and potential benefits include: high Viscosity Indexexcellent low temperature propertiesgood chemical and oxidation stability and meets "super clean" requirements of U.S. Spec. Mil-PRF-5606 (Aero HF).

In this range:

  • Mobil Aero HF
  • Mobil Aero HFA

Here you can find the latest version of the technical datasheet

Here you can find the latest version of the safety datasheet