The advantages Mobilgrease 33

The advantages Mobilgrease 33

Patent-pending technology:

What makes Mobilgrease 33 fundamentally different from other low-temperature airframe greases is the base oil. It contains no esters and is 100 percent polyalphaolefin (PAO). Esters are compounds that are susceptible to hydrolysis, which is a chemical reaction with water causing decomposition and leading to the likely production of potentially corrosive acids. A patent for the base oil technology has been applied for by ExxonMobil and is pending.

-Unlike airframe greases containing esters, our product's 100 percent PAO base oil will resist decomposition when contaminated with water.

-Mobilgrease 33's superior hydrolytic stability can provide a higher level of protection for airframe components operating in hot and wet environments.


Approved, Meets

Mobilgrease 33 is:

-approved against BMS 3-33B and included in the Boeing Qualified Products List.

-Approved against AIMS 09-06-002 and included in the Airbus QPL.

-Approved against MIL-PRF-23827C, Type I, and included in the U.S. Navy QPL.

-meets SAE AMS3052 requirements.


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