Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 now approved for International Aero Engines V2500 engine

Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 now approved for International Aero Engines V2500 engine
  • Outstanding coking performance combined with its gentle effect on engine seals makes Mobil Jet Oil 387 uniquely well-suited for IAE V2500 engines
  • Operators will benefit from reduced maintenance efforts for IAE V2500 engine components as a result of Mobil Jet Oil 387’s industry-leading deposit control
  • The IAE V2500 engine is used by thousands of commercial aircraft, including Airbus A320 narrow-body airliners

SPRING, Texas – ExxonMobil today announced that Mobil Jet™ Oil 387, a synthetic High Performance Capability turbine engine oil, has been approved by International Aero Engines (IAE) for use in its V2500 engines.

IAE V2500 engines are used by thousands of aircraft in commercial service, including the widely used Airbus A320 narrow-body airliners.

“Compared to other turbine engine oils, Mobil Jet Oil 387 provides a unique combination of outstanding coking performance and seal gentleness – the ‘sweet spot’ operators should expect from modern high thermal stability and high performance capability oils in their engines,” said Ed Barnes, Global Chief Engineer — Aviation Lubricants at ExxonMobil. “This latest approval for Mobil Jet Oil 387 shows how leading engine builders and airlines continue to recognize the benefits of this industry-leading oil, and we’re thrilled to provide peace of mind to airlines that will use it for aircraft powered by IAE V2500 engines.”

As the most advanced turbine engine oil ever produced by ExxonMobil, Mobil Jet Oil 387 offers industry-leading cleanliness without causing risks to the fluorocarbon elastomeric seals in engines, making it uniquely suited for use in the IAE V2500 engine. While competing high performance capability oils may also be gentle on engine seals, they may not be as effective in managing deposit control. Mobil Jet Oil 387, however, maintains an exceptional ability to reduce coking and deposition in the hot sections of the lubricant system, which helps decrease the maintenance effort needed to clean these engine components on a routine basis.

The approval process for Mobil Jet Oil 387 consisted of extensive testing in various IAE V2500 engine models on multiple aircraft. Test results validated that Mobil Jet Oil 387 can help provide outstanding protection for IAE V2500 engines.

Mobil Jet™ Oil II and Mobil Jet™ Oil 254 are also approved for use in IAE V2500 engines.

All Mobil Jet™ turbine lubricants, including Mobil Jet Oil 387, are produced at ExxonMobil’s state-of-the-art Port Allen aviation lubricants plant in Port Allen, LA. The 90,000 square foot facility, which commenced operations in 2016, features advanced equipment and technologies that enable ExxonMobil to produce a reliable supply of Mobil Jet oils and meet the increasing demands for high-performance synthetic aviation lubricants.

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About High Performance Capability Oils

The High Performance Capability (HPC) classification represents the highest aviation industry standard for aviation turbine engine oils. To meet the HPC classification, oils must deliver exceptional overall performance, high levels of oxidation resistance and outstanding deposit control. Mobil Jet Oil 387 is certified as a HPC oil.