HyJet V: twice the fluid life of Type IV hydraulic fluids

HyJet V: twice the fluid life of Type IV hydraulic fluids

Many of today's commercial aircraft hydraulic sustems require a fire-resistant fluid that offers greater stability, better wear protection and stronger corrosion control than Type IV hydraulic fluids can provide. Approved for all Airbus and Boeing aircraft, HyJet V offers mixed fleets:

- Resistance to acid formation at a wide range of temperatures, allowing for more than twice the fluid in-service life as compared to type IV fluids

- Outstanding deposit control and protection against rust, wear and corrosion, helping to extend the life of hydraulic systems

- Flammability that exceeds Airbus and Boeing Type V, Grade A, flash point specifications


Since its introduction in 2008, more than 2500 aircraft have operated on HyJet V. That's more than 10 million in-service hours on all key commercial aircraft types. HyJet V:

-First Type V fluid authorized for use in the Airbus A380's 5000-psi hydraulic system

-Compatible with all approved Type IV and Type V hydraulic fluids, elastomers and other hydraulic system materials

-Low density, as compared to competitive Type IV hydraulic fluids, helping to lower fuel consumption and aircraft weight


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