Austrian Airlines maximizes operational stability with Mobil Jet Oil 387

Austrian Airlines maximizes operational stability with Mobil Jet Oil 387

Ensuring aircraft reliability

With a global route network of roughly 130 destinations, the majority located outside of Central and Eastern Europe, Austrian Airlines recognizes the complexities in managing a worldwide fleet. To ensure excellent service, the airlines prides itself on punctuality and technical reliability for its valued customers.

As an airline that operates in extreme environments, Austrian Airlines wanted to ensure that the GE CF 34 engines on its 17 Embraer 195 aircraft were continuing to function efficiently and avoid potential coking. To mitigate the possibility of ocking, Austrian Airlines engaged ExxonMobil lubrication experts who encouraged the Airline to upgrade to a High Performance Capability (HPC) oil equipped to serve as an Embraer fleetwide solution - Mobil Jet Oil 387 lubricant is capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and has a proben track record of protecting against coking while being gentle on elastomers.

"We're very particular when it comes to product selection, and Mobil Jet Oil 387 has met our high expectations thanks to its ability to provide optimal protection against coke buildup and keep engines running clean," said Franz Konrad, head of propulsion engineering and engine management at Austrian Airlines. "Since the conversion two years ago, we've used Mobil Jet Oil 387 extensively on the CF34 engines - at times, the oil will be in service for 5000-9000 hours. There have been no operational issues or evidence of serious coking or degradation; therefore, we chose to use the oil as a fleetwide solution that also protects the Embraer 195's IDGs and APU's."

Konrad added, "By using a fleetwide solution, the switch has also supported the maintenance team in meeting its operational goals by helping streamline inventory and minimize costs, complexities, and application error."

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