Advantages of HyJet IV-A Plus over Skydrol LD4

Advantages of HyJet IV-A Plus over Skydrol LD4

HyJet IV-A Plus has demonstrated superior behavior over LD-4.

These are:

1. Erosion protection

2. Acid control

3. Rust protection

4. Low Density

In conclusion:

- HyJet IV-A plus is a proven performer:

1. Continuing to provide low maintenance and trouble-free operation to commercial aicraft hydraulic systems

2. Field experience confirms excellent wear, deposit, and erosion control

- Offers longer life than competitive Type IV Fluids by Airbus NSA307110 ampoule test procedure

1. Excellent acid control performance confirmed by field samples from Airbus and Boeing Aircraft

- Offers lower density and rust protection advantages over competitive Type IV fluids


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